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    How To Buy YouTube Subscribers Without Literally “Buying” Them


    The massive amount of views for an individual YouTube channel is sure enough to boost self confidence levels of the creator. But do you have enough subscribers? People concentrate more on getting views rather than subscribers. Awareness about the value of being subscribed is missing for many people. Being subscribed means an instant increase in your credibility and of course, more viewership. Surveys reveal that the number of views by subscribers is twice as compared to users who have not subscribed.

    Getting subscribers on YouTube is not easy but certainly not impossible. There are a number of ways by which you can woo the viewers to subscribe to you. Nowadays there are a lot of companies from which you can buy active subscribers on YouTube. Though it is easy, the downside is that you have to pay to get subscribed. Besides, you may not be buying real subscribers. They may not view your videos, share the post or comment on them. By spending a little extra time, it’s not difficult to get enough “real” subscribers. Here’s how:

    Sell On Social Market

    Advertise your channel on all those social platforms available today, including Twitter and Facebook. YouTube is not a standalone platform. There are dependencies. More the people talk about your videos on social networks, more your channel shines. Start blogging. But don’t forget to add the YouTube widget to the blog. Let your fans follow you.

    Feed Them Consistently

    Keep posting consistently. If the viewers are aware that you would be posting something every week or may be twice in a week, they are sure to tune in at the same pace as well. This will indeed boost their commitment towards your channel and yes, most of them are bound to subscribe. If this kind of a schedule plan is viable for you, go for it and don’t forget to inform your fans about the same.

    Make Sure You Are Found

    Optimize you video content so that it will not be missed out in related searches. Add the relevant keywords in your video description and tags. Prominent search results mean great video which will surely result in more subscribers.

    Mingle With Your Fans

    Merely uploading the video won’t do the trick. You have to follow up and be in constant touch with your viewers. Interacting with viewers and responding to their valuable comments is a good way to turn them into subscribers. Also, you can reach out to your fans and ask them to promote your channel as well.

    Add A Channel Trailer

    It’s an excellent marketing tool, introduced by YouTube in 2013 March. The Channel trailer clip can be added to the home page of your channel. Each time a viewer visits the channel, the clip will start auto-playing.

    Quality Matters

    Whatever marketing strategy you choose, ultimately it all comes down to the content that you present. It should be unique and interesting enough to compel the viewers to keep on tuning in. Good luck!


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